algonquin land claim

Learn about the largest land claim in Ontario. Heather Majaury speaks about the land claim in Algonquin, critically examining its colonial, problematic overtones and consequences. Read the report at Ricochet Media.

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“I am not nameless. I am a proud Anishinaabe grandmother. And we are on Anishinaabe land.”             -Kim Wheatley



Why is the government of Canada not the entity that comes forward with the proposal, and then it’s the Anishinaabe that say “yay or nay” or whatever. Why are we coerced into putting forward an agreement in principle in the first place? It doesn’t make sense. And nothing makes sense if you hold original title to be loaned money. Nothing. It makes no sense to be loaned anything in those circumstances.” -Heather Majaury


“We all have a part to play as human beings. We are all the same.” -Kim Wheatley


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