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sprouts on cold days.

I Am a Home pt.2

I am a planet, you are a traveler, seeking home. Maybe a planet can orbit at ease, while a traveler plays. Maybe a planet can be a traveler, a traveler a planet. Maybe travelers can find a home, be a home. You are a planet, I am a traveler, seeking home. Maybe a traveler can handle when a planet fissures and quakes. Maybe a…

I Am a Home.

I am a planet, you are a traveler, seeking home. I have clean water, green trees. You evaluate conditions. Maybe you’ll find cleaner waters, greener trees. elsewhere. So you travel. Cautiously, seeking home. I am a planet. I want to be your home. But then I don’t. Because don’t feel like enough when you assess and weigh. You are a traveler, and travelers never…

Put It Down.

I’d like to show you my reservations. Check the cupboard, in the usual place. Reservations about reservations, and a reserved nature. Depleting reserves and abstracting salvation. Complications and condensation on my favourite glass. It’s a bit slippery and I’m not sure how to handle it. Put it down right now.

I Have a Voice

I am a lake without a choice. Matter thrown inside sinks out of sight and mind, lost in the reservoir– decomposses. Becoming part of the waters, blending with foreign archaic sediment. But waters recede, Sediment takes form. I see clearly the solid refuse. I am not a lake, I have a voice, and sound waves distort reflections of you. I have mass. Enough to…

Light Sound Vibration

The Auras at The Old Laurel, 300 College St, Toronto ON

We Are All The Same

See more photos from the Algonquin Land Claim information session here.

Line, Space, Texture

I set out to make some new “hair landscape” images when I started this, similar to the image below: Lately I’ve been much more open to using photographs of myself as references for drawings. The convenience of photographing myself on whatever angle I’d like to draw is massively helpful. I’m also growing to be more okay with exploring “self” in my art, which was…